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You are my touchstone

Mulder: Scully, I was like you once. I didn’t know who to trust. Then I… I chose another path… another life, another fate, where I found my sister. The end of my world was unrecognizable and upside down. There was one thing that remained the same. You were my friend, and you told me the truth. Even when the world was falling apart, you were my constant. My touchstone.

Scully: And you are mine.

*sigh* one of the sweetest moments so far in our start to finish X-Files viewing.

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Morgan and Wong were frustrated once more when the network decided to move “Never Again” out of its post-Super Bowl slot, and substitute “Leonard Betts,” the episode that was originally scheduled to air after “Never Again.” “Leonard Betts” ended with the wrenching realization by Scully that she might have contracted the cancer that afflicted the other female abduction victims she met in second season’s “Nisei.” This revelation impacted the rationale behind Scully’s behavior in “Never Again” in ways never intended by Morgan and Wong. “I felt horrible,” Morgan stated. “Those are not her motives for her actions in this episode. The motives in ‘Never Again’ are completely altered by posing that she has a disease or a death sentence.

Cinefantastique, October 1997

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He’s got a bomb…

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I needed to draw some self indulgent stuff after that episode…..

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The X Files Season Three GifFest                 
The X Files -
3x09- 'Nisei'

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All lies lead to the truth.

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The X Files: ‘Our Town’

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I just wanted to take a try at drawing my own interpretation of the final shot from “The Post-Modern Prometheus”. :)

Straight up truth: I like your version better than the original.